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Remove games that are obviously going no where

ZtalinZtalin Member Posts: 25

MMORPG.com should have stricter rules to what gets listed here. Games like Darkfall for example have been in development for 7 years and have nothing to show and will probably never have anything to show..

there's alot of others here that are the same..  these type of games should not have any type of forums and only get listed on the "in development" list and nowhere else until they actually get to a point where they have enough to be covered more.

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  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Member RarePosts: 5,484

    Why? It's not hurting anything.  As the saying goes if you don't like the news stop reading the paper.

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  • CyberWizCyberWiz Member UncommonPosts: 950

    Lol I knew it was about Darkfall before I clicked on the link :p

    However I find it nice that mmorpg tries to keep a COMPLETE list of mmorpg's.

    Even if Darkfall will never be released, I think it should stay on this site.

    There is more then enough interest in it, so removing it would do mmorpg.com more harm then good.


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