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Server Merges?


Did I see that right? This game already has server merges?




  • AnnekynnAnnekynn Member Posts: 1,437

    Yes they merged servers months ago because they launched with way too many of them.

  • VetarniasVetarnias Member UncommonPosts: 630

    And last time I checked (late June), the population on the remaining servers had more or less returned to what it was prior to the mergers.

    I wish a current subscriber could tell us how the population is doing these days.

  • Heffy424Heffy424 Member UncommonPosts: 524

    I just had a one month free trail (since i bought the game) and the servers had players but the economy was still lacking I mostly saw people in the hot areas around tortuga port royal and other captials or lurking by the red circles. so not a vast improvement in population.

  • AnubisanAnubisan Member UncommonPosts: 1,798

    I just recently purchased and installed the game and unfortunately the population is pretty lacking.

    Such a shame since I think this game has a lot of potential.

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