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How is the trading system and is there going to be crafting

Is the trading system in this game going to be good or not. I hope it is because in most games that have good trading systems that is how i make my money. Also i was thinking if they already didnt have a crafting system that would be a big PLUS!image See if you think about it there could be different woods and strong materials you could make your boat out of. You will have a boat making screen and it will let you pick how big you want your boat, how strong you want it, how many cannon holds there are and how many cargo holds there are, also how good the rotor is so you will have better steering than other boats, and also your sails to make your boat catch wind better than most boats and in which increasing its speed, also if they let you have an arodynamics built into the custom boat making addon that would be awsome would be awsome. Again this is just an idea, there would have to be more thinking and drafting involved. So good idea ya or no?



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  • MopsterMopster Member Posts: 47

    Here's the link to the POBS Community FAQ about Trading

  • AutomanAutoman Member Posts: 34

    the trading will be in from the start .you will be a merchant or smuggler if you like .delivering things between the diffrent ports avoiding piracy or blasting them to smithereens if you have a nice vessel.and make a hefty profit .id say the merchant profession is one of the most interesting ones from my point of view .

    there is going to be Crafting in the game .but at a later release where you can work as a shipwright building ships on demand .and give the ship your special feature or color .

    its pretty nice aswell that you can make your own art work sujch as flags and sail texture and upload them to the webpage. a voting will take place then if it gets approved they will be loaded onto the server.


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  • PhaZon7PhaZon7 Member Posts: 13

    Well smuggling will be in it but later on the devs plan to go deeper into that idea. So smuggling will be a liittle thin to start because it's not fully implemented yet.

    Yea, i'm glad the devs went this far with interaction with the fans about the user content. It's not something you see with every game.

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