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Check out the official forums too

DraenorDraenor Member UncommonPosts: 7,918

Hi, i have been watching this game since the beginning of 2004 and i just wanted to remind everyone to check out the official PotBS forums on

Its a great community with a lot of dev interaction, a breath of fresh air for those of us comming out of SOE games :D

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  • WickedMouseWickedMouse Member Posts: 32

    And don't forget to visit the Community (fan) Site image

    Pirates of the Burning Sea Community


  • PhaZon7PhaZon7 Member Posts: 13

    This is kinda how it needs to be at the community forums, not quite this slow and not so much the debates but more of the fun. The main fls forums aren't extremely fun, till the devs step in an give a funny comment now an then.::::24::

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