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People if you like FF

SBC3SBC3 Member Posts: 372

this game is awsome in my book reminds me of FF game play.  And its not a huge grind!  Its fun to play in a group and has alot to do.  I say give it a shot!


  • LunethLuneth Member Posts: 63

    I have tried MW 1 and MW 2. and i think MW2 hasn't changed very much from the first. i played MW1 until lvl 15. but at that point it became too much grind for me ;) but that's IMO. and also, they copied ATB from final fantasy


  • reanorreanor Member UncommonPosts: 431

    I like FF style. Thats why I am playing Atlantica Online at this point. Their Item Mall however is pretty expensive. In order to get a mount for example you need to spend hundreds of dollars sometimes since most of the popular items are hidden in the gamble boxes along with other 12-16 items. So my question is, how is the Item Mall in MythWar2? Do you have to gamble too and spend hundreds of dollars or every item actually has it's price and how expensive those items are speaking of real life dollars? Any examples?

    How fast is character advancement? You can get to 95 in about a month in Atlantica and then its very a huge experience gap in levels. How is this in MythWar2?

    Quests in Atlantica are pretty mundane - go there kill mobs, go another place kill more mobs, go craft something, go kill more mobs and then go kill boss. Almost every quest is followed by this template, what quests are like in MythWar?

    Basically I am looking for the game as fun as Atlantica with some similar PvP system maybe, but not really focused on PvP and with not as expensive Item Mall.

    Also do players that buy things from Item Mall have any advantages?

  • reanorreanor Member UncommonPosts: 431

    I just looked through some videos and remembered that I played MW1 about a year ago. Wonder if MW2 is any better. Not sure I like 2D graphics of the game. Still tell me more about Item mall?

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