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CFM file?

mehhemmehhem Member Posts: 653

I used Firefox 3 as my browser and is a tab that opens automatically as well as a few others.  Everytime I open firefox, I get a download for a CF file.  I hit cancel and then refresh and it works fine, but why does it do that in the first place?  I've never heard of a CF file.  Any insight would be appreciated.


I've had it happen again.  To clarify its the index.cfm file.  Firefox must be trying to download it, but I have no idea why.  Anyone actually from the site have an ideas to stop this crap?


  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 Member CommonPosts: 1,848

    It's a old bug with compression of pages sent from server iirc (can't find the big old thread regarding it). Nothing dangerous, just annoying.

  • mehhemmehhem Member Posts: 653

    Thanks JelloB2000,

    Yea, I didn't think it was a virus or anything like that.  I just figured it was some browser problem.  I've just never seen it before and not on any other sites. 



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