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is there a block sysytem in this game?

dwarflordkingdwarflordking Member Posts: 265

hi, i got interested in this relaxing casual looking mmo, and saw the combat system,


i like the active time bar and everything but....

can you actively block ? like in mario super mario rpg where you had to time the attack then if you press it at the right time u can block?

i like turn base but i absolutely hate the fact that your a sitting duck in most games.... put in a dam block system... thats not a roll of the dice, chance crap system.



  • NoHPNoHP Member Posts: 17

    No.  There is no block system.  Base on your stats and equipments boost the game automatically block when it feels like it.  It's random.  I'm sure if you put your toon in defend mode it will have a better chance to block beside that there's no input from your end to make your toon block an attack.

  • dwarflordkingdwarflordking Member Posts: 265

    well that really sucks, i hate random blocks, fuckin retarded

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