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Separate "news" from "exclusives/features"

J-NiusJ-Nius Member UncommonPosts: 29

I think it will be a good thing if the "features" were separate or in another place than in the general game "news". I'm proposing this considering that the features, that can be rightly put as news, are getting "bumped" for the entire day they appear. (Yes, I saw your scheme...) With this in place, I'm missing some news thinking there was none out after the features.

So what I'm asking, suggesting, would be to let the features go down in the list as the day passes (1), remove the features from the news since there is already a section dedicated for them (2) or make a new section for news that are features or exclusives for the day (3) which is my preferred choice. As a frequent news checker, I am almost not even looking at the top of the main page. Therefore, the last two options should be seriously considered.

Thank you for changing this. Looking forward to the "Latest MMORPG.com exclusives" section just besides general news.

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