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Why play the "Reawakening"? What's different now?

brihtwulfbrihtwulf Member UncommonPosts: 975

I was in the original closed beta test for this game, participated and did my best to help during that phase.  Once the game "launched", I felt it wasn't enough to keep playing and it felt cobbled-together and incomplete.  Now we get a re-launch of the game with the impression given that is a "new and improved" version.

But what's so different now?  The game doesn't run partly through the web portal now?  Have they added any further depth or anything to make it a more viable experience, particularly for the more casual player?  I had considered just installing and spending my own time experimenting, but after having a bad feel for the first version I decided not to waste my time and just ask for others' input here.

With RTS games out there like the Dawn of War series, why play this for a monthly fee?  What is the bang for the buck, so to speak?


  • ValanceValance Member Posts: 189

    I also played this game in the past. I just checked on it again with the "re-launch" and they no longer have a subscription fee. They've gone with one of those publishers that has lots of free to play mmos where you pay real cash to buy in-game stuff. Now you can buy 'tribute' in game, which I guess gives you some bonuses, and you can earn for free in game at a slower rate. I don't know much about it - just reinstalling now. But it's free to play now, so that's a plus.

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