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Hey, Ahen Empires 100% Free ?

keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127

I just saw an ad on this game that is "Play for Free" Last time i checked this game status as a "free" game is really limited, and it's like being in a chat-room with nothing to do.

I've searched trough their forums and found out that free players receive 50% of experience, they can only level  main skill like : woodcutting,mining etc but they can not level blacksmith carpentry or anything that can transform the raw materials in something usefull.

Besides that you can not trade with subscribers also... If there is any more information regarding this feel free to post around.



  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Yeah the game's not really "free". If you play for free you're so limited its unbelievable. You can't get past noobie island and you can only level your skills up to level 15. Exp is WAAAAY low and you can't trade items. I also hear that there's no protection when you die too. So when you die you lose everything, everytime.

    Its Evil I tell you.

  • keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127

    Thanks for the reply, looking for more feedback, the company behind this game hides key factors regarding the F2p game :)

  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    I'll be happy to add more restrictions later. I just need to jog my memory for a bit or just log in. The overall thing is that the company that makes the game didn't realize how much taxes or w.e. they would have to pay once they became an actual company. So now they only care about money and not playability. Before back when it was actually f2p as "Dransik" and even the first year or so after becoming Ashen Empires it was great. Then they became a real company because they thought the dough would be rolling in like with Jagex from Runescape. Unfortunately their plan failed.

    An example of them forgetting about fun was that a few years back you used to be able to tame a whole army of pets. I remember walking around with atleast 12 pets at times. Now its basically one pet every 30 levels or so. Which leads to what 3 or 4 pets at lvl 100 when I was able to tame 12 when I was only like lvl 35 taming a few years back. I mean pets dont really make THAT much of a difference. They have low health and do a little damage. Why even bother changing it?

  • RPGForeverRPGForever Member UncommonPosts: 130
    Come on! No player is so poor cannot afford $6-7 to pay at least one month and test the full game with all its features. Just pay and enjoy do not be scrooge.

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