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Wakfu Beta Key Giveaway

jajablajajabla Member Posts: 2

Hi. I was just wondering if the beta key giveaway for the game Wakfu actually happened. i'm not sure if this is the right place to inquire so if it's not could someone point me in the right direction? anyway, i checked it at 9 pacific time last night in case it updated at 12 eastern time then i checked again at 10, 11, and then finaly 12 my time to see if it would update but it never did. and i find it hard to believe 1000 people grabbed keys before i could even catch a glimps of the updated site. is this supposed to happen durring the day sometime? is it going to happen at all? i'm just wondering. the link to the feature page of the wakfu giveaway is pasted below. could someone help me out? thanks! i would really appreciate it.


  • Hobbes3011Hobbes3011 Member Posts: 7

    As stated by origional poster, a response to this would be much apreciated. Is the statement on both the beta key MMO pag ( and the News discussion thread about a key release today incorrect or are the keys still coming (or god forbid already snapped up)?

    Being an aussie and having a different timezone and just having finished a graveyard shift at work makes staking out keys hard enough. A little information on the validity of you claims of todays key handout would greatly be appreciated so that I know if or if not my continued wait for keys is in vain or not. Much appreciated, Thanyou.

  • MagicalgnomeMagicalgnome Member Posts: 16

    Fixed, keys are up and going fast.

    For almost all of your Wakfu related info:

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