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Dragon Empires: Meet New Community Mgr.

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This weeks Dragon Empires developer diary is a nice introduction by Samantha "Satine" Russell - the new community manager for the project.  She shares a little insight into her new daily routine - including her snack schedule :)

Most of the morning is spent dealing with communications of one form or another. There's usually an average of 30 messages waiting for me and a steady trickle comes in throughout the morning. There are a variety of enquiries ranging from account problems to interview requests and usually a handful of 'When is beta/I want to be in beta' e-mails. ;) I answer those and sate my rumbling stomach with two tuna and mayo sandwiches. *Munch*. That´s better, now I can check the forums. Our moderators do an awesome job of keeping everything running smoothly, so all I need to do is catch up with the discussions.

You can catch the full diary at this link.

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- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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