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Giving out some words on open beta on Magic World Online

boradicboradic Member Posts: 5

Ok this game has came into open beta not to long ago and has a bit of work to go... but playing this game u see there is alot of great idea's put into it and can be taken far if they keep on doing the work they have been doing to it. Some examples of this are..

-Your own customized house

-In Game Bot

-Pets that boost your stats and can grow

-Growing Weapons

-Unique Skills

-Unique Items

-Video Chat

-Official Position System

-Marriage System

-State Wars

-Seige wars

-Guild Growth System

-Class Development

If any would like to come out and try this game come to and register to play.


You'll see there is alot to do when you first start out and yes other players are very helpful in this game.

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  • MyzRainMyzRain Member Posts: 43
    Originally posted by boradic

    -In Game Bot

  why this game fails.

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  • ragnarokekragnarokek Member Posts: 134

    -Your own customized house <- hard to acquire if you have no cash to buy the deed on item mall

    -In Game Bot <- surprisingly addicting

    -Pets that boost your stats and can grow <- needs to be an adult before you can ride it, and making your mount from an egg to an adult is very difficult, again you need to buy item mall stuff to feed your mount to speed things up.

    -Growing Weapons <- if you have a great weapon and need to grow it, again you need to spend on item mall

    -Unique Skills <- no clue what he is talking about

    -Unique Items <- if this refers to legend items, again easiest way to get them is the item mall

    -Video Chat <- kinda not implemented yet hello?

    -Official Position System <- very difficult to achieve, unless you got the uber stuff, and how do you get uber stuff? does the word "item mall" ring a bell?

    -Marriage System <- again, you need to buy the marriage certificate and wedding dress from "you know where"

    -State Wars <- really no clue what it does to the winning state, just bragging rights i guess

    -Seige wars <- same as above

    -Guild Growth System <- isnt this common in most games?

    -Class Development <- no idea what he is talking about, but all mmorpg's have this right?


    well honestly, im playing MWO right now. not a bad game, but like most f2p, expect your character to be owned by those who spend on item mall. this game is not winnable by skill, but by how deep mommy and daddy's pockets are.

    and oh... after you reach level 40, it becomes a grind even with the bot on. go figure.


  • boradicboradic Member Posts: 5

    customized house- as of right now u the way to get them is rewards from the state wars.

    in game bot- it is just a tool to make gather alot easier on everyone

    pets that boost stats and can grow- u don't have to buy food off the item mall or growth potions to make them grow faster, i have grown mine from start when i had got it through all the process of my own.. not 1 time have i bought anything for my pet off item mall

    growing weps- ok it may help just like in any game with a item mall to buy stuff off it take have better chances at growing your weapon but by no means is it a must... besides the makers of the game give u 50 platinum at level 40 so do with that as u want.

    unique skills- there is not one skill that is simple and u can gain levels in each skill to make them unique and yet not any other class has any skill like another in the game.

    unique items- world radio, stones to put in your armor and weapons, snow man boothes,appraisal stones, and i can go on.. what exactly is it you don't understand?

    video chat- this i have not used but have been invited too many times

    official position system- this can be done by special quest such as knight quest, baronet quest and the others like them.

    marriage system- u can get married, with which u are able to do special things like teleport to your married one....... but then again like in real life a divorce is very expensive

    state war- this is a empire vs dynasty pvp war the tp players in this are rewarded the prizes like the customizable houses, legends, and other gifts

    Seige war- this is empire vs mobs and dragon of dynasty or same with dynasty vs mobs and dragon of empire.. the reward for this is gift packages that can give you legends and so forth

    guild growth system- u can actually level the buildings u have in your guild fort to do more, also u have more prestige the more your guild is level'd

    class- development as you go higher in your class more branches become available for you to specialize in such as warrior to dire or templar and so forth

    Ok now to deal with your thoughts on leveling, did you really want to play a game that you are able to max level with in a day? Come on the affects of slower leveling keep the interest of ppl.. i have a lvl 44 dire warrior and a 43 assihand and if i do full day grinds i still can level my chars in a day or 2 it don't become harder tell about 50 or so not how far beyond that it becomes really tedious but come on why really would you want to play a game you could level to max to easy.

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  • ragnarokekragnarokek Member Posts: 134

    im not dissing OUR game... didnt i say im also playing MWO atm? and im enjoying it too...  im just telling it as it is, i understand that the game need IM to survive and i appreciate the fact that some IM items can be acquired in-game... but the fact still remains, mommy and daddy's credit cards can make even the noobiest of the noob become an uber ownage character in the game. no amount of in-game skill is required.

    how i like this game? 6 of my characters are currently botting atm. all of them lvl 35-40+, now aint that saying im a fanboi too?


  • MyzRainMyzRain Member Posts: 43
    Originally posted by windstrike1

    Originally posted by MyzRain

    Originally posted by boradic

    -In Game Bot

  why this game fails.


    People who hate on the in-game bot are just pissed because now everyone can bot and not just your cheating ass. 





    An ingame bot will ruin a game due to various reasons, plain and simple.

    A game that has an ingame bot is merely asking to be bashed. In my opinion, if there is a system purposefully designed to allow the player to not have to actively play the game then the game itself is sorely forgetting the purpose of a game. The very existence of a bot in the game hints that there is going to be mindless grinding or some otherwise time while playing MWO when a player is going to not want to be doing what he or she is forced to be doing.

    Further, a large aspect of MMOs is the interaction that one has with not only his or her own character but also with others. By incorporating a bot, the developers sorely destroyed some of these elements.


    If my character, when I am NOT behind the keyboard, is fully able to do everything that I can command it to do when I am behind the keyboard (pretty much), then that quickly will destroy a connection which I might have maintained otherwise with it. Not only this, though, but I could predict that there will be countless times when you see another player character in the world and attempt to communicate with them, only to realize that the reason why they are not responding to you is because they are, of course, using the ingame bot system. So much for immersion.

    What is forgotten is forever immortal.

  • boradicboradic Member Posts: 5

    First i would like to say i wasn't bashing ragnarokek i was just trin' to put out sme more about game and clarify.. plus i was in a bad mood due to irl bull crap. so sorry if i offeneded ya..

    2nd would be to talk alil on the reply about the bot. infact the bot is a good move for the development team since now there will be no need for self bots made.. wish need some feeds on the good ones to be made, and by not lettin those feeds out it helps with keepin the hacks/crackers down. and second the bot is made to help it can not due everything u can do when playin but it will due the things to the fact of mining and repairing tool, but not being able to craft plus once ur bot repairs it goes back to the spot specified to mine but will not start mining you have to click on the ore to do that.. so infact there is alot u have to be on to do u can't just bot

    Only in death will u what i have done in life.......

  • yokam888yokam888 Member Posts: 87

    the bot system is most controversial feature of this game. when i first heard of it, i thought that the game would be a virtual ghost town with zombies leveling, but i was quite surprised to see that the community is very active even with the bot. and did i say that the bot system is very addictive? it beats the heck out of clicking each and every monster manually. also i like the bot coz it can make me chat while my character is doing all the hacking and slashing. so basically, when you see me bot, im not afk but just there sitting, relaxing, chatting.

    and you would be surprised that even with the bot, there are none (or almost none) gold sellers in the game.

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