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any new info on the 2 new classes?

I was looking around and didn't see anything but I might have been looking in the wrong places(?) what do we know about them?


  • PapadamPapadam Member Posts: 2,102

    This is the only solid info we've got:

    Keth_Turbine - So, I can't give too many details (Marketting MCP head will get me!) but I can say a little bit.

    Keth_Turbine - The Warden is a more "tank-y" class and is a master of marital combat, and must strike his blows in such a way to best finish off his enemies.

    Keth_Turbine - The Rune-keeper is a master of words, and uses those to either damage his enemies or inspire his allies.

    Meghan_Turbine - Marital combat.

    Keth_Turbine - *sigh* I spelled marital instead of martial

    Meghan_Turbine - Nice, Keth.

    Keth_Turbine - I always do that.

    Meghan_Turbine - I'm telling Mrs. Keth. Boy are you in for it.

    After book 14 is released they will probably start talking more about the expansion!

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