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Diablo 2 sold out everywhere...

MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

So everyones getting into the diablo spirit, I dcided to dig up my old CD's and pop onto bnet with some buddies.

Low and behond, I found my D2 cd, but my LoD is missing...

HA, thats when I remembered the Diablo battle chests sitting in the bins at the local game stores, for about 30 bucks....

Apparently its 50 bucks now? and it sold out EVERYWHERE. I live in a small town. I had no problem findin a wii. The local store has wii's in stock, everything.

I called every department store, every game store, and even the little crap stores I know that had a copy sitting on the shelf.... all were bought yesterday. The guy at EB laughed and asked me if I saw the video for Diablo 3.

Kinda funny how a game that was starting to sit stale on the shelf is now selling like mad, yes again... Nobody can start a frenzy like Blizzard.

after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...


  • bluberryhazebluberryhaze Member Posts: 1,702

    i too have the urge.

    but i lack the energy to look for the cds.

    i might just replay titan quest now...the dvd stares me in the face.


    -I will subtlety invade your psyche-

  • Cabe2323Cabe2323 Member Posts: 2,939

    I saw it sitting in the store today and considered picking it up.  Between the two game stores I went to today they had about 10 copies.  But I am having too much fun in MMOs to start up Diablo 2.  I will definitely play D3 though. 

    Currently playing:
    LOTRO & WoW (not much WoW though because Mines of Moria rocks!!!!)

    Looking Foward too:
    Bioware games (Dragon Age & Star Wars The Old Republic)

  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329

    I installed D2 again yesterday. I bought it when it first came out, but barely played it. I couldn't stand trying to play it again because of the low, unchangable resolution. I'm surprised Blizzard never released a patch to up the resolution.

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