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Silent Scream Is Recruiting For Magic World Online!

TheAngryPanamanianTheAngryPanamanian Member UncommonPosts: 193


X Silent Scream X

We are an International PVP Multi Gaming Guild!

What are we about?

We are about owning it up as a unit and a team and having fun while at it!

We Have been playing together for a while and are allways taking in new blood we have played Shadowbane,Ultima Online, DAOC, EQ2,EQ1 and many more!

Raids and Seiges

Our Goals in Raiding and Sieging Is To Excel in PvP  and in PvE!

How to join?

So your interested in joining!

Read our application Template at and make a post following it in our applications section!

Requirements For Joining!

Must Be Mature!

Must have alot of free time to play!

Officer Positions Open in Multiple Games Pending Observation and Promotions as time passes! if you think you have something you can offer to help us a special key skill like recruiting,making groups for pvp, making groups for dungeons Also Please post this in Your app

Ventrilo is a must have


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