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LWOF recruiting

I know most of you will flame at me, because its to early, but clans for this MMORPG need to get started soon!


We are the cursed followers of Feanor and during the battles against Morgoth we fought along side Maedhros and dwelt in the fortress of Himring. After the destruction of Beleriand and the filth of Morgoth was washed clean, we regretted our part in the Kinslaying.
With our right hand we will unite and befriend those betrayed and with our left we will avenge our fallen kin with the blood of the Dark Lord's servants. We are the Lost Warriors of Feanor, Let our enemy flee before us!

1. Treat all members with respect
2. Don't spam on the forums
3. We will not accept any abuse from other clans/persons
4. Don't join anyother clans while still in this one
5. Be mature about it (ties in with rule 2)

Cirdan Cuthian, High King.
Earendur Inglorion, Member of the High Council
Valandil Galad, Member of the High Council
Haldien, Member of the High Council
Felinor Felle, Member of the High Council
Haefalas, Elven Scout
Lithawen, Elven Scout

This will be the ranking system:

High King (full)
High Council (full)
Elven Scouts (8)
Rangers (10)
Elven Captain (5)
Captain (5)
Elven Archers
Lords of Craft (4)

High King --
Cirdan, being one of the few Noldor left in Middle Earth, set him self up as King of the Tower Hills. He now commands a powerful Kinship.

High Council-- The High Council are the King's advisor's and handle day to day problems that the King need not be troubled with. Also they take over if the King is away.

Elven Scout--
These answer to none save the High King and spend their time searching Middle-Earth for enemies to destroy.

Ranger-- Very akin to the Elven Rangers, but are Men instead of Elves. They are very good at stealth and excell in ambushses and covert missions.

Lords of Craft--
They govern the elves in the creation of their works and he supervise trade. They punish those guilty of fraud.

These are the ones who try to bring it to new heights and spend their time in the creation of things of beauty. They are made up of Elves and Men.

Elven Captain--
These are the Tacticians and healers who command the Noldor in battle, and their loyalty to the elven race is unfaltering

Captain-- Like the Elven captains, but they command the units of Men.

Elven Archer-- These are the fighters, the warriors. They are the backbone of the army. There aim with a bow is incredible and they can fade into the bushes and disappear like smoke.

Swordsman-- These soldiers like, like the Elven archers, form the backbone of the army. The are Men, and are very skilled with their Elven forged blades.

If you would like to join please go to our forums and drop your application off there or go to the website at

My MMORPG games:
City of Heroes, Runescape
My Future MMORPG games:
World of Warcraft

My MMORPG games:
City of Heroes, Runescape
My Future MMORPG games:
EQ2, and MEO

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