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Please help me select a new MMO

Skooma2Skooma2 Member UncommonPosts: 697

Of course, in order to help me select a new MMO, you would probably need some information.  I believe that a brief rundown of what I've played (and why I no longer play them) is in order. 

Guild Wars:   I actually still play this.  I don't need a long dissertation on why this is or is not a true MMO.  I like it.  It's my "go to" game.  I love the pvp systems in it (4 v 4 random teaming; 4 v 4 organized teams; 12 v 12 alliance battles; 8 v 8 teams; 8 v 8 gvg)  There's always something to do and pretty much the whole thing is "end game." 

LotRO:  I played this for 7 months when it first came out.  Graphics were good, but how many orcs and trolls can you kill before you just want to jab needles in your eyes.  First major update was a free territory and more quests (very nice) ... next update was Faction Grinding (blech) and I left right betore player housing (a facet of some games I have no interest in because I do not understand why I would ever need it ..., but that's me).

WoW:  I tried the free trial.  I can't get past the cartoonish graphics.

Age of Conan:  I got out of this mess right before having to pay for a month.  For reasons why, see other posts made by me on these forums.

CoV/CoH:  I played this for 2 months before AoC and have gone back since I quit AoC.  I cannot see myself here much longer because a) the graphics are dated; and b) every mission gets to be the same (go to warehouse, office building or cave complex and kill someone, steal something or kidnap someone)  I do not foresee making it to endgame because it is getting to be too much of a grind through the early 40s.

Free-to-play Korean grinders:  I've tried these.  I've spent more time downloading them than playing them. Enough said.

So, based on what I've written, and based on your own experiences, please advise as to any MMOs you think I'd enjoy.

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  • DuilyonDuilyon Member Posts: 326

    Well, you are certanly running out of MMO to play! but there's still a few more quality MMOs you can try :D LOTRO is my main MMO and have stuck with it since release, was the only game that I thought was 10X better then WoW.


    EQ2: I have played the trial and found it to be pretty good, though I decided to play WoW instead. It's pretty old with plenty of expansions so theres probably plenty of content to do, I would suggest trying this game out.


    Pirates of the burning Sea: This game has some problems but they seem to be being addressed in patches.  I played the Trial and its pretty fun, the ship combat rocks though the missions seems a tad repetive. I suggest you wait till July when they release the Trial: D


    Lotro; Maybe you should revisit lotro! They've added a good bit of content since ya left, a couple new areas (forochel, Tal bruinen, High pass) and a good bit of content! Maybe level a new character up and prepare for mines of moria, the expansion that is being released in the Fall.


    Dungeons & dragons online: Now I played this for a bit and found it to be pretty fun! the dungeons are very well designed, though the lower level dungeons are meh. The content patches are massive adding new raids, player classes, new playable races and lots and lots of content. though this is kind of a niche game so not everybody will like it.



    Those are the only games I can still think of that you may like : / I would suggest you steer clear of games like Tabula Rasa...that game still is not ready : /


    If you are interested in any of these just ask and i'll go into a bit more detail with them.


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