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After 7 day free ad

  I've been playing this game off & on for a week now.  For a free to play game I am enjoying it somewhat.

  I do have 2 questions that if someone can help me out I would appreciate:  1:  Now that my 7 free ad days have expired my screen resolution is botched to where I cannot see the bottom part of my screen, & everytime I try to move it up to get Options to change it it flips back automaticaly.  How do I change my ingame resolution please?  2:  Also, I have a few quests that are for paying access only, but the game wont let me "Drop" them from my current quests.  Is there anyway to do this. 

  Thank you to anyone that can help.  I'm just not sure if this will be fun enough yet to warrant paying a subscripton, & now with the resolution I can barely play at all.


  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

      Just wanted to post an update with the resolution/quest problem.

      The live-chat help for PotCO was very helpful & stated that ingame the F7 is the hotkey for Options which then can change ingame resolution.

      Still no help on the 2 or 3 quests that wont allow me to Drop them since I am not a subscriber, but that isn't as big of a deal compared to being able to play again.

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