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baraklevibaraklevi Member Posts: 6

i am now guy!!!

and i need help

MMORPG its sofwere?

i need download this sofwere?

pls help me!!!

how i start?

i want to build game like  MUONLINE i know its be hard but i try to do my best!

and im from israel!

so pls help me!!!


  • BenjarroBenjarro Member Posts: 206

    hi baraklevi

    looks like your are about to start your own mmorpg adventureimage

    its not that hard to start.

    1)download the client and patches if they are there
    2)install the client and patches if they are there on your harddrive
    3)register at the official site and confirm name/password trough mail
    4)wait till you get mail from the mmorpg with the information sometimes activation codes and stuf.
    5)launch the game and log in.

    have fun m8 and good luck





  • baraklevibaraklevi Member Posts: 6


    but where i download the client?

    and the client patch?

    i write good??

    and u have picture from ur game?

    i want to take a look

  • FizblixFizblix Member UncommonPosts: 130

    (Wow, was lucky to remember to CTRL+C this time... whew.)


    Not sure what ya mean exactly, but from what it looks lik, you want to make your own mmorpg eh?

    If thats the case, maybe this will help...

    All the free MMORPG creation software I have seen were bad quality.  Look as bad as Final Fantasy on the original Nintendo. (Not that FF 1 is awful, just useing it as an example)

    One thing I know, Not a mmorpg though, is Neverwinter Nights.  You can create a persistent world on there.   The graphics are not spectacular, but it can be fun to develope your own little persistent world with it.    Can support 25-50 users pretty easily.   The code isn't optimized for alot of players  unfortuneatly, but it works.     Can get pretty creative with it  if you can script and do 3d modeling... make your own static meshes.   You would need to purchase this from a place like  ebgames.com


    Also you can download an Ultima Online emulator and create your own 2d MMORPG server for people to play on.  Would need to purchase the game, but can download the server and creation stuff for free.   If you search around you can find the game and download it.  RunUO is the name of the most stable one I know of.

    There are also emulators to make your own Everquest server/custom world, Dark Age of Camelot server/custom world, and Asherons Call  server.   Don't know a whole lot about the emulators for these 3 games, I heard alot about the DAoC one being unstable.      Use a search engine if you want to know more about emulation for these 3 games.

    Here are a few names of clients to search for:

    Dark Age of Camelot  Server Emulation software:

    • COADserver
    • DOL


    Ultima Online Server Emulation software:

    • RunUO
    • Sphere
    • Epsilon
    • SteamEngine
    • PolServer
    • UOX
    • Nox Wizard
    • Method


    Everquest Server Emulation software:

    • EthernalQuest
    • ShowEQ
    • EQEmu


    Asheron's Call Server Emulation software:

    • UAS (Something Like that)



    You need the game to use/build your mmorpg with all of those clients.    You can play with them as your own project, but it is against the EULA to run a public server.    EA/OSI doesn't care about the UO ones anymore  long as they behave.   EA has even assisted the developers of one of the server emulators from what I've heard.     Free shards are deemed "illegal" but are tolerated by EA because it's free advertising. By saying they deem it against the TOC, they have leverage and loopholes if it causes a major negative impact, and can't get sued for it either.   The companies of other games don't have the same view as EA though, to my knowledge.

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