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Highest Level Character

thesolemanthesoleman Member Posts: 18
Hi everybody whats the highest level character uve got on MU Online?


  • UltimancerUltimancer Member Posts: 5

    oh..i think the highest level is MAGIC GLADIATOR... u can find it in ur acct.

    or else...when u reached ur DW or DK to lvl 150+ u have MG in ur MU acct. and u need to activate it to play.

    -DaKaRa... ZeNbU HaNasHiNaiN Da!-

    -DaKaRa... ZeNbU HaNasHiNaiN Da!-

  • brownspankbrownspank Member Posts: 247
    Currently, I have a level 52 DK. Pathetic. LOL

  • Fallen_CaineFallen_Caine Member Posts: 37
    3 bazillion



  • DK_SizzlaDK_Sizzla Member Posts: 1

    my highest is 102 Dark Knight::::40::

  • SithosSithos Member UncommonPosts: 315

    220 Elf

    103 MG

  • brownspankbrownspank Member Posts: 247
    Anybody here tried upgrading to Blade Knight or similar? What's the recomended level for pursuing this upgrade quest?

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