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MMORPG game request

MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

Whoaa... I never thought I would spam you guys with this question. I think ive ignored a hundred of these but I put myself at the mercy of some of you who've kept up with games.

I like to pay to play generally. It tends to be a much more complete experience.

My problem lies in that I now have several projects going on, and now that ive started serving to make money to fill in the gaps for my tuition.

Traditionally, with WoW, EQ2 and now AoC, I would raid. But with my schedual being all over the place. I can't make regularly schedualed raids.

Ive tried FPS, and its working okay, but Id like to feel some progress that isnt just my personal skill.

Price doesnt matter. But I need something that I can play by myself, and in pug groups. I need endgame that doesnt require me to schedual in several hours a couple days a week.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...


  • curiindicuriindi Member Posts: 488

    Have you played Guild Wars?

  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    yea I have guildwars, but had no feeling of progression, it was more like an FPS or an RTS in that regard.

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988

    FFXI if you want a more challenging mmo, bit slow paced though.

    Eve: Sandbox pvp, hard to learn can have some fun expirences if you get into it though

    Tabula Rasa: Sci Fi RPG

    Lotro: Not bad, feels alot like WoW though.

  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    FFXI ive played, and the grind is just too much. It was good back when their was slews of players and you could pick up gear, but I went back a few months ago and it was baron.

    EVE is another one ive tried. The problem for me was that I would never, ever, ever, be able to catch up.

    LOTRO I currently have a lifetime sub to, so I might go back and try it again, but I hit the end of the game raiding thing and I really dont have the schedual for that any more

    TR, I bought that game, the issue at the time was the total lack of cusomization. I had a new max level spy. I should probably read up on whats new. I played for about a month at launch.

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • HerodesHerodes Member UncommonPosts: 1,494

    Don´t hate me on this one, but:

    Did you try out Albatross 18?
    If I don´t have much time, I play some matches or tournaments (upto 30ppl) there.
    Char progess is there, it requires some skill.

    Tbh I wonder, why this game is not in the gamelist yet.
    Ok, its F2P/micropayment and made somewhere in Brazil, no idea.^^
    edit: I forgot to say, it is golf.

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    Munki, why not just join a casual raiding guild in your list of games that you enjoy? Most casual guilds don't have requirements for how much their players raid.

  • YarosYaros Member Posts: 280

    Maybe just wait for WAR?

  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    I would deffinatly give WAR a shot once its out.

    As for golf, dont think thats the game for me, thank you for the suggestion though.


    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

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