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I'm looking for a specific game...



  • InunahInunah Member Posts: 51

    Well I was kinda irritable. Plus when I tried to register in a second life server (That dream one or whatever it is) it wouldn't let me so that made it worse. So yeah.



    I've made a new thread showing better of what I want but with less ruling out of games. There might acutally be a game or two you can suggest in the newer thread.


  • theJPKtheJPK Member Posts: 91

    The Sims?

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  • lacrenepdolacrenepdo Member Posts: 6

    sim city?

  • hvc801hvc801 Member Posts: 987

     You shouldnt play anything other than the skin flute.


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  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

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