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Best Leveling up ur character. for my own! DK

UltimancerUltimancer Member Posts: 5

Dark Knight

At Lvl 1 battle spiders untill your lvl 4. Power up your Strength by 15. Buy weapons most likely the mace. Then After go buy armor at the peddler. Hunt Bull Fighters and gain about 3 lvls again that's a grand total of 30 you gained. After that if you can go buy Bronze Armor. That will keep you alive. Next go hunt Hounds but make sure you buy a proper weapon first. Keep hunting hounds and avoiding Bulls 'till lvl 12 make sure you power up strength! Then at lvl 12 go hunting for Big Bulls now! Be sure to buy scale armor! Now hunt Big Bulls 'till lvl 14 then move on to Noria (Elf Land) and kill beetles and hunters. Keep hunting 'till lvl 20! Power up your agility this time for you will be needing it for Brass armor. After that keep hunting 'till you have enough points for brass. Keep hunting..... Then after you got your Brass go kill Agons. Golems might kill you and go hunt Liches as well! At lvl 27 go find new armor like +3 bronze or scale for it is stronger than what you got! Finally when you got armor go hunt Golems until lvl 30. Now go hunt SKELETONS! Hunt them 'till lvl 34 then move on to Larva if your strong enough please follow the 13 hit rule. At Lvl 40 go buy a new weapon since you will be "Trying To Kill" a cyclops maybe Serpent Spear? After go fight Larva, Skeletons or even Cyclops. Keep hunting till lvl 50 at that lvl buy new stuff again and get ready for the ultimate challenge of killing a ghost. After that keep hunting cyclops, Larva and GHOST! Be sure not to die so stock up on potions! After you should be strong enough to survive on your own!

The Guide To Making A Strong DK...^_^

-DaKaRa... ZeNbU HaNasHiNaiN Da!-

-DaKaRa... ZeNbU HaNasHiNaiN Da!-

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