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Crashes computer

IcekxgIcekxg Member Posts: 3

Well, downloaded the client, installed, update, and went to start the game, nprotect starts up, gave it free access to internet with Comodo Firewall, and when nprotect goes to update it crashes my computer and causes it to restart.  Anyone else get this problem?

AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+

4gb ddr800

Ati x1900xt

don't think my specs are getting in the way.


  • trapezoniantrapezonian Member Posts: 124

    Is there an error message before your computer restarts? If there is none and it just restarted by itself I can conclude that your computer is over heating. All systems have auto restart or auto shutdown whenever your computer temperature reaches a certain stage. The acceptable temperature is 50 degrees below. If there is an error message try disabling your firewall/anti virus first and start the game. 

  • TiaMasterTiaMaster Member Posts: 1

    I can confirm the takes me compeltely out of any OS environment (nothing works including ctr-at-del).

    It forces a restart, and the only way to do this is to hit your computer's power button.

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