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request:Nick Change, with reason

AleisterAleister Member Posts: 208

I rather consider myslef new to this forum, and i just registered as Aleister, astonished by his workimage

but now my nick clashes with Aliester which is either mispelled or something else and i rather don't want to use dark lords name anymore :) i don't feel like him, err can you change my nick pls :) (-Phi-) is a good one :D, if you want to punish me due to this go and put lord of fools or whatever you want in my rank :D

Shit i'm bad... I self educated myself in ways of controlling feelings, now nothing feels like it's true... gotta be an assasin or sumtin.
even "WOW! YOU'VE GOT A GREAT EQUALIZER" gives your everyday fanboi an erection araound here so watch your mouth :D

....must ....play .....WoWimage

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