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Guild Wars /moved

tregon75tregon75 Member Posts: 3

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has a spare Guild Wars Epic Trial key.
I want a break from WoW and Guild Wars looks half-decent but I want to test it before I buy.
I will gladly trade many trial codes for WoW for 1 Guild Wars code.



  • GodliestGodliest Member Posts: 3,486

    I would suggest you to head over to the Guild Wars forums as the chances that you'll get a trial key are much higher over there since the most GW players go to these, and here only a few go.



  • tregon75tregon75 Member Posts: 3

    ok thx i'll check


    edit: there is no official Guild Wars Forum T_T


    so I just posted on guild wars guru.

    If anyone has one here though, it would be appreciated. :)

  • DulainDulain Member UncommonPosts: 616

    I'm pretty sure he meant the Guild Wars forums on this site. Located on the list to the left or Here.


  • tregon75tregon75 Member Posts: 3

    oh lol

  • BackwashBackwash Member Posts: 27
    I'd settle for the basivc trial membership... anyone :'(? Still cant buy from PlayNC.
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