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how do u uninstall this game ??

mrvietlawmrvietlaw Member Posts: 69



  • InAngusInAngus Member Posts: 19

    Delete the installation files...

    Clean and Fast...


  • boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540

    ok I was wondering the same thing, how do i get this off my computer, theres no uninstall option, and it does not come up in the list of add/remove programs tool either.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • ragnarokekragnarokek Member Posts: 134

    i think you just directly delete the entire folder and its done


  • LunethLuneth Member Posts: 63

    As said, this has to be done manually. if you dont know how to do this, follow the simple steps below

    Go to my computer> And go to the install path ( typically: C:program filesMWO

    and delete the folder MWO.




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