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Magic World Online!! And why you should play!

TaulissTauliss Member Posts: 2

It is in close beta stage but you can freely download, register and play the game on this site http://mwo.enjoymmo.com

Anyways, in Magic World Online, first thing i have noticed is the bot system, yes botting is legal in this game and it is highly encouraged, this is to let you live your life while still keeping up with the game, some games will deprive you of your life but this game will not ^_^, it is suitable for busy players like me who is working at the same time, i can live my pc running and leveling my toon while i am working, that is cool yah, and dont think you can juz leave your bot and expect it to keep up with the other players by itself, nah, you need to check on it too especially on higher levels.

And that's not all, this game have lots of features to offer like the mounts, video-chat, country wars, guild wars, pvp, pk, mounts, growing weapons, auction, lots of quests, marriage, you can also have your own house (jus like the sims ^_^)

Now here an introduction for some of MwO's features:

MOUNTS :  http://mwo.enjoymmo.com/forum/thread-881-1-1.html

Currently we have 8 different mounts we can get, 2 of them are speacial which can only be gotten from some bosses, each mount have their own atrributes which will be added to your attributes if your mount is not hungry (child mounts) or fatigued (adult mounts), they can also learn their hidden attributes randomly or if you raise them well like feeding them some special potions, they will start as eggs and will take 2-3 hours for them to hatch into a child mount, child mount must be raised to its 5th stage to turn into adult mount which you can ride and brag about on friends and other players hehehe, adult mounts can also learn skills and be able to wear some accesories if you train them. More importantly, to keep the community awake, bots cant feed mounts on their own ahahaha

MWO has 4 basic classes, i suggest you try them all if you have time so you'll know what is best for your style, I did try them all and i ended up with my summoner>necromancer line coz i like having a pet summon following me around towns ^_^, i also like the summoner>illusionist coz they can transmutate but they cant cast some skills (like heal) when they are on other form, and healing skills is my favorite skill of all the time from all the games i have played ^_^, all the other classes are good as well and have their own potentials, i like the warrior>berserker for its very high damage dealing capability, and the mage>fire mage for its fast and furious leveling coz of high dmg aoe spells


Now this is the fun part, MWO is divided into two countries, Dynasty and Empire, you are able to choose between the two countries during your character creation, some of the higher level maps are neutral maps and players from each country can kill any player from the opposing side whenever they like when they cress-paths ^_^, and gain honor for it, then there is a schedule country war every week wherein Dynasty and Empire will prove which country is stronger, the winning side's participants might get some rare items at the end of the war, especially if they have done well during the war.


Guild war is different from country wars, each country have several guilds in them created by players, you can also create one too if you want and if you can hehehe, they they can invite other guilds in their country for a guildwar, havnt tried it yet so i cant say more about this sowee


growing weapons is one of the features i like most, growing weapons have their own additional attributes everytime it levels up by feeding other weapons to it, there are 4 type of growing weapon, HIT, CRITICAL ATTACK, SKILL DAMAGE, and PHYSICAL ATTACK, it is up to you want type you wana use, you can get a growing weapon from lvl 20 quest at your starting village, the quest is not that hard, but the growing weapon you can get is random, some people create new character, raise them to lv 20 and get the quest just to acquire a growing weapon they want, some people prefers to trade them to other players for another type of growing weapon. Be careful tho coz a growing weapon only feeds on the type of weapon it has first tasted (yummy ^_^), so if it has eaten an axe at first, it will only be able to eat axes onwards, when you feed them it will inherit the attribute of your sacrificial weapon, from its level to its additional attribute, so dont try to feed your growing weapon a higher lvl one bcoz it needs exp to eat again and you can only get exp for it if you equip it, you cant equip a higher lvl weapon so yeno, you cant get exp for it ahahaha


this is also a fun part of every game, bosses and elites will drop lots of items, from good to rare equips and special mounts(mostly from bosses), you can solo an elite and almost all the maps have 3 or more of them which respawns 30 mins to hour, so everyone can have a turn for them, but as i mentioned before, elite is hard to kill for a bot ahahaha. Bosses on the otherhand are not jokes, you need some good equips and team to kill one, but it is definitely worth it, you can find bosses on some maps, but im not telling it here ahahaha, look for informations about boss locations somewhere ^_^


  • gathgath Member Posts: 424

    You putted 1 link to 1 thread about a "pro" side of the game... why dont you place the links to the 1000 threads about the "con" sides of the game?


    Senhores da Guerra

  • TaulissTauliss Member Posts: 2

    The only real downside is the game takes time to level up after level 40 it starts to slow down quite a bit, but the game is really fun in my oppinion!

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    theres just sooo many better games out there...this seems like a waste of time to be honest...and the OP looks like someone on the development/distribution team putting in a little free advertising



    let the fanboi flaming begin...

  • dooplopdooplop Member Posts: 4

    how do i get started.where do i go????

  • mmomasterb7mmomasterb7 Member Posts: 8

    i have been looking for a good new mmorpg and this one might just be it. it looks like a great game

  • 175101144181175101144181 Member Posts: 10

    I must agree it is a great game, but of course every games has some bad things. For example in mwo you can't move your cam around only one way. I think the best class is summoner. it can summon monsters to fight and it can heal. Also the graphics aren't that great.

  • MizakoMizako Member Posts: 31

    I just started to play it and it seems really fun even after 3d games.

  • b2i12b2i12 Member Posts: 75

    So w8 is it 2D or 3D game?

  • XlanayaXXlanayaX Member Posts: 6
    Originally posted by Mizako

    I just started to play it and it seems really fun even after 3d games.


    what ya think it is?


    Diablo II is awesome, and its cam is the same in this, but graphics are way worse :)

  • ackwonackwon Member Posts: 16

    For this game to be so large  (6GB), i found it FULL of SUCK. sorry i can't get into it, maybe a 12 year old from Asis would like this game,  Plus there is no unistall utillity. The OP has to be on the DEV Staff, or he was playing another game, cuz this game ain't that great IMO.

  • shiharashihara Member Posts: 10


    Now downloading this game and reading their website.

    Also their forum with text's like punishing players by the GM. Is this a game for children (or so)? Or what is the average age of the players? I'm 63 and dont like the idea playing with children only.............


  • booboofingerbooboofinger Member UncommonPosts: 96

    maybe i'm being old fashined here....but why play a game you don't have to play?  If playing any game is too much of a chore then move on.

    I play games because I enjoy actually going about it and leveling the character myself. I realize I'm probably a bit extreme, but then again, I could never understand they joys of power-leveling either. I play a game for the journey, not for the endgame. As a matter of fact, nothing makes me quit a game faster then getting to the top level.

    Then again, i'm sure other's don't agree with my way of thinking either. But I know I'll pass on this one.


    And yes, the OP did sound more like somene involved with the game writting a press release then anything else.



  • lancelot76lancelot76 Member Posts: 119

    Stay away from this. It's an hour of your life you will never get back. ANY of the other F2P MMOs out there puts this game back to 1985, where it belongs. Remember the Atari 2600? No? Good, because you would get more enjoyment out of playing the original Space Invaders than MWO. If nothing else, read a book because it will have better graphics and gameplay than this underdeveloped basement pile of steaming refuse.

  • XokiruXokiru Member Posts: 2

     Ech.. new generation look only to the graphics... gameplay is most important, not graphics... MWO is one of them, low graphics, high gameplay... I also recomend you to try Tibia, it has even worse graphics, but gameplay is just awesome :)

  • damihai21damihai21 Member Posts: 1

    in dis game i have um lvl 50 and archer lvl 42 in server saga empire

  • troydavidtroydavid Member Posts: 150


    more than half the posts in this thread are by the same person. . .


  • chubiboochubiboo Member Posts: 12

    Look nice~ plan to try it ~ haha go go go~

  • chubiboochubiboo Member Posts: 12

    cos nice grap~ nice gameplay? LOL...and Free2play?

  • FeverfewFeverfew Member Posts: 120

    Guys, people can SEE the screen shots for the game, and they know how old the graphics are, so there's really no reason at all to point that out to them <.<

    Tell them something they don't know.

  • marinridermarinrider Member UncommonPosts: 1,556

    I love how in most threads similar to this one are 90% posts from people with 10 posts or less.  When will these devs realize that speaking in such a low standard of english on top of having all of these low post accounts makes people not even want to look at the game?

  • nak08nak08 Member Posts: 6

    If you read my review, it is the opposite of this. Magic World Online!!! And why you shouldn't play!

    The GMs ban you if you disagree with them.

    The GMs ban you if you ask about updates.

    The GMs ban you if you go on their forums and post pictures from a private server of mwo....if they find out who is the owner of the private server, their official account will be banned too.

    A private server of mwo is the only way to have access to the content so many of the games players know about and the publisher Ingle Games refuses to release.

    Two of the class branches are bugged and you can't even use them! They are impossible to level.

    The developers knew of bugs in beta testings and to this day some of them haven't even been remotely fixed.

    If you have to look at a game like this, You should direct your attention to Magic World Online 2 -- also known as -- Eligium: The Chosen One. It looks much better than this game and its supposedly run by people who can speak English.

  • krulerkruler Member UncommonPosts: 589
    (Risk aversion alarm and spinning light activated)

    As already mentioned when you glance at the first post page, and its cluttered by under 10 posts character's with the same mode of communication style as in "WEeeeeeeeeeeeee me love game, just got now, you try to"  I run the hell away as fast as I can, so fast in this case I didn't even LOOK at the game itself...

    Which apparently has just saved my eyeballs from PTSD, so as self golden rules go, its been rather reliable in its results.

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