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2moons is crap now move to Dekaron guys

liumlium Member Posts: 138

Well im vet in 2moons uber caracter was summi 100+ but i got to admit i lost mine time in the game why well the server are crap lag is just crazy like 600ms+ they even lose you progress sometime it hapens more and more to ppl you get disconected alot to find out that all quest progress was erased and you need to start over so lame.

I moved to Dekaron is same as 2moons copy cat game but god is so good now im like 68ms ping never disconect the game is just so much more funn on good server is sad to see that i lost huge amount of time to lvl up in 2moons and need to start over but is cool to by noob again :)

For new ppl just download Dekaron guys trust me you won't go wrong


  • grisotogrisoto Member Posts: 15

    rule4: 2moons sux, alot hack, +7 hack, xp hack. lure hack

    WTF, acclaim allow hacks!!

  • PepsipwnzgodPepsipwnzgod Member Posts: 203

    rule # 5 choosing a game for yourself that you enjoy is the only reason anyone should be playing MMO's so if people enjoy 2moons that's fine and if people enjoy dekaron that's fine, dekaron is much older then 2moons but 2moons was released as the english version after a ton of requests for it, if you live in spain or europe youre better off playing dekaron but if you live in north america you should hit up 2moons, most ping i have is around 30 on 2moons and ive never done dekaron..


  • ithanisticithanistic Member Posts: 48

    i think 2Moons are international., and dekaron are for philippines.?

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486
    Originally posted by ithanistic

    i think 2Moons are international., and dekaron are for philippines.?


    no. 2moons is for north america (usa and canada). and there are also dekaron europe, dekaron china, dekaron korea...

  • julioand11julioand11 Member Posts: 4

    are u ive herd that dekaron is only for europe


  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    are u ---> ?

    cant u read or dont u wanna understand? there are more dekaron versions. the one listed here on mmorpg is for europe but there are also korean (which was the first relesed version), chinese and others. but they are not listed here cause the language in those versions are not english.

    here for ppl who just "hered" what ppl said the korean and chinese dekaron sites: korean version chinese version

  • bloodbath891bloodbath891 Member Posts: 4

    i made a dekaron account downloaded the game and everything i needed to do and i tried to log on and it said i was banned from the game any ideas on why this would be i never played the game in my life. (dekaron) ive been playing 2 moons for 1 year now

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    u have to make a 2Moons account if u are from u.s.

    dekaron is the european version.

    here u go:

    but from what i heared 2Moons is down now because the last patch was a big invitation for hackers to hack the game as GMs

  • Kills4FunKills4Fun Member Posts: 14

    I also heard that 2moons is a copy of Dekaron plusss Dekaron has a better community than 2moons thats why Dekaron Rules!


  • aZn-XaZn-X Member Posts: 17

    i wish i could move to kekaron but im in USA =/

    stuck in 2moon 

    "Living To Die"

  • OhikatuOhikatu Member Posts: 1

    ive played dekaron/2moons eu and NA versions and well they both pretty much suck.they both hold the same hacks.bots,children but the difference between acclaim and gametribe is the fact that gametribe get more into game and ban illegal ive seen anyway

    personally because they both use the same methods and ways of playing they both are pretty much simalar in threat to hackers and so on.when i first started dekaron EU there was nothing but hackers but now the hackers are that high in game they no longer idle where the new players start lol

    NA 2moons is well anyone's hacking servers they recently changed the anti hack to well " a worse one " where the new one has no proof of what it does at all just a fancy logo. regardless of game these days its rare to see no hacks for them which is a shame that children have to find a way to cheat in game and ruin it for everyone waiting on aion now and all the rest of the bad supported gameguard games can R.I.P.hopefully NCsoft dont use the useless anticheat for aion or i fear that will fail too :(


  • Silver_LeafSilver_Leaf Member Posts: 135

    Dekaron can be downloaded and played anywhere, 2 moons only in US and Canada...
    Because I can't find an aussie server, I played a short while in the SE Asia one... realised it didn't fill the void and is definately NOT the most violent MMORPG... unless someone can show me screenshots proving otherwise.
    Seems pretty generic, age of conan would be more gory I guess. If by violence you mean that awesome sadistic feeling. Don't know, never played AoC, but from the trailers it would look good as a full time game. I'm just tied up with SAGA at the moment.
    If you are talking violence, you can't beat a FPS though...


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