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Game in re-development...sounds great.

levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

Hey all,


Having not played the original version, I really liked some of the ideas thrown around in the dev diary from a couple of months ago.


I hope we can get another update soon so that we can gather up a little interest for this title. To be honest, I was totally unaware about it when it came out the first time and there are a lot of people looking for a more thinking man's MMO (ie not WOW).


It looks like they are using this site until they get their own up to par and filled with a new layout.


Anyone else out there looking forward to this one?

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  • aruthamarutham Member Posts: 63

    hi levsix :)


    Yes, i cant wait till i can play fom again :)

  • UmmnopeUmmnope Member Posts: 23

    If its just another lame gank-arena for ten year old kids like the original FoM was, then fuck that.

    We'll see what they come up with, although after the first miserable failure I'm not placing any confidence in there abilities to create a solid game, from what I've seen they cant pull it off, and have already failed once previously.

  • aruthamarutham Member Posts: 63

    ..i dont think that really describes original fom at all.....gank arena? ...

  • DaedaIusDaedaIus Member UncommonPosts: 14

    I've seen this all the time. He joined and didn't know anything about the faction system. So when someone he was at war with attacked him he started crying "whaa that guy killed me! and there are no safe places for me to hide in. Since I am not a good fighter right away and there are no NPCs for me to grind on the game sucks." Have fun with WoW

  • levsixlevsix Member UncommonPosts: 363

    Sure, any kind of open system like that is going to have "incidents" but it's like having freedom in the real world -- you get a lot of good for a little bad. I vastly prefer the more mature setting that is less Donkey Kingish /arcade style (WOW).

    Have a winner and don't go on a game over! Does your avatar make you powerful in real life? Check out the Mystical Enders gaming community.

  • aruthamarutham Member Posts: 63

    Yes, but thats what i loved about FOM was the freedom I might be killed anywhere at anytime....


    Although except with the proper gankers, there was usualy a reason for you being killed.....unless you was LED ...


    And the Justice system I thought was a good way of dealing with griefers etc..


    wondering how it will work in rebirth. what system will they use to deter player griefing...

  • ricko32ricko32 Member Posts: 17

    i dont want to sound so negative but i think there wont be no justice system. It will just be you kill or get killed and nothing can change it. Thats whats dettering me away from FOM R

  • DaedaIusDaedaIus Member UncommonPosts: 14

    1.  I think a major factor stopping gankers will be the this: You start attacking someone, then the 10 people in the next room are part of their clan. They just come in and rape you.


    2. The whole justice system will turn vigilante. If someone is killed either they, or their clan will hunt down who did it.

  • ricko32ricko32 Member Posts: 17

    I think we could get the clan system to work by getting respected members of there old factions to lead Faction Clans. So the LED be run by arutha who would do everything that the old commandant did. If we try to keep the same system as we did in FOM on our own that would be good.

    we will have guys who dont go into clans or make different clans but we cant do anything to help that. A clan is like a faction when there is only a couple. I think we should all keep the same morals and ethos we had in FOM.

  • DaedaIusDaedaIus Member UncommonPosts: 14

    I'm just combineing all the best elements of factions into my clan. Feel free to look at it (sorry for not all site ports being up yet, storyline is on the forums until I finish it all)

  • ricko32ricko32 Member Posts: 17

    Nice one i might thnk about joining you if you include the LED element in it!

  • DaedaIusDaedaIus Member UncommonPosts: 14

    depends, which LED element are you thinking of? Defending free trade zones? then yes

  • ricko32ricko32 Member Posts: 17

    Ye of course i think thats a good idea i am in i will register onto your website

    BTW i am not going into the Royal marines until september so i should be able to play if it comes out during summer!!!

  • DaedaIusDaedaIus Member UncommonPosts: 14


    Welcome abored



    EDIT oh wait I already posted it... heh

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