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AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650

Before I get started, I want everyone here to know that I am a very negative person, and will focus more on the bad than the good, so lets begin.


Style: For a free mmo, this game's graphics are top notch. I personally love the visual aspect of the game and I think it is one of the best qualities of it. From the dark and shaded forests to the deep gold hay fields at the beginning. The european expansion has also added its own flair, although I prefer the Chinese aspect.

Players: Great community, not too large yet not too small.

Game-play: Fluid and simplistic. Not much more can be said. The quest system is also very well implemented. The transformation system is still an amazing idea.

Classes:  More focused on the race, weapons, and armor you have which is a nice change.


Style: If you are not a fan of an orient environment, or an old time Europe vibe, then you will most likely dislike the game's graphics and aesthetic.

Players: One word: Scarves. To me this idea ruined the game. The way the PvP system works in silkroad, is you kill other people that have different colored scarves. It's extremely simplistic, but to me it just seems ridiculous.

Game-play: Scarf issue as posted above, half the time I found myself laughing to find two people that had never met before beating the hell out of a guy who dare wore a blue scarf. It's crips and bloods in old China. The quest system can be annoying to me at times, simply because I don't think they really matter half the time. Two personal problems with the game for me, protect armor (balanced) is complete shit. It's all about the heavy armor, pretty much all the time. Also, nothing ever seems like you really earned it, mounts are bought in huge numbers and have no significance, to change class all you need is a different weapon and armor set (not saying you'll be as good but its possible), you fight by scarf color. I believe it needs to be said one more time that your SCARF WILL GET YOU KILLED! Lastly, the grind can at time be quite a drag, although compared to some games it's nothing.

Classes: Not much to say really, good amount of customization in skill set choice.


To conclude, If you, dear reader are not a fan of grinds, scarf gangs, a sense of mutual lethargy toward goals, and collect 10 of -insert generic enemy body part/possession- quests then this game will most likely not be to your liking. I will say that I believe it is a good way to waste a week or so with though.


  • azn_gamerazn_gamer Member Posts: 6

    Lemme guess you only got to level 15 or something? If you haven't played the game well then don't complain... If you don't ike it don't criticize and go to a diff game... People actually play a bit longer than you have to see if it actual is good or not...

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    well he mised the most glaring negatives about the game

    its not a free game, you dont pay  "you no log in"

    when you do log in you realize that there are not that many people on the server to begin with

    the community is crap unles you dont speak english and have a fervor for botting and buying gold from gold farmer

    also the grind is terrible since you cant do the trade route well untill level cap

    this game is garbage and the community and the distributors who run the game ruined it

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