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Jagex at E3?

Ultradude111Ultradude111 Member Posts: 22

OMG! Look what I found! Apparently jagex will be at e3 this year....maybe to show off mechscape? I heard somewhere that Andrew Gower was interested in bringing runescape to maybe it's that.


  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167
    Maybe MechScape, maybe the new graphics, possibly the console thing although I doubt it.


  • keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127

    I think the new PayPal CEO they hired last year has something to do with all the activity Jagex is showing ... Something it never did before.

  • Ultradude111Ultradude111 Member Posts: 22

    Hey wait a second! I just realized something......the main reason why Andrew Gower didn't want to bring runescape to consoles is because the "quick service" and "fast updates", that the game has now would slow down significantly. But lately there have been ads on this site for a "head of runescape" position....maybe to watch over the console half of the market? That way the updates could continue to be "quick". lol

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