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I need smithing xp and a person who wants to make money in Runescape

Sodapop554Sodapop554 Member Posts: 9

Okay if you are some one who wants to make money by smithing but you dont have a decant smithing level then I may be able to help you. I need smithing xp, my smithing level is 71 & I know most of you peoples smithing level is lower. So if you want to make money & you want to smith, but you just dont need xp contact me. I do not check here offten so you would be better off just adding me on runescape. I am on most of the time so it will be a rare occassion when you cannot contact me on their. This is to anybody who wants to make money by smithing anything up to addy bars, I am avaible for req assist in that skill. I want a higher smithing level but I dont really need the money. My Runescape name is the same as it is on here, sodapop554.



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