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Easy Money

Mike1996Mike1996 Member Posts: 81

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Pure Essence

Requirements: 30 Mining, Pickaxe and Completion Of "Rune Mysteries".

Area: Rune/Pure Essence Mining Area in Varrock

Description:  After you enter the Rune/Pure Essence Mining Area Find Pure Essence And Start Mining, You should get maybe, 28 in 1 minute, When you get a full inventory run out and go to the Varrock Bank. After Banking head back to The Mining Area and Repeat. Once you get around Maybe 500 Pure Essence Note them all, and go to the Grand Exchange. Sell Them All For The Default Price and You Should Make Some Decent Cash. Repeat This Method and you can make up to 300k an Hour. 

Ill add more ways to make Money For Members and Non-Members Alike.


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