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Jagex..your game is intended for teens-adults..

Wildman2121Wildman2121 Member Posts: 90

I really like RuneScape, but their is one problem I just cant stand right now that Jagex has made. They do not let kids under the age of 13 register and play. Im sure they know that kids cheat the birth date to make themselves appear as 13, but they are acting like the game is intended for kids under 13. Now, the stronghold of security is alright sense it warns you off scams to get your account. But, recently they added the "stronghold of player safety" While the emotion it gives if you complete it is pretty cool, do Jagex's "13+" players need to know how to be safe using the internet? The way theyve been treating this lately (referring to stronghold of player safety and quick chat) is like their turning RS into a baby game..And thats another thing I want to address, the Quickchat system. Is it really so you dont have to type? Or is it so you can talk to others while being "safe"? Any opinions on this?



  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,180

    There is definitely 5 year olds playing this game. I know I played when I was in elementary and that was well over 6-7 years ago.


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  • Wildman2121Wildman2121 Member Posts: 90

    True. But if they dont let players under 13 join, then why are they treating the game like its for smaller kids? It is deffinitly true that kids under 13 DO play, but I dont think they should be making all of this stuff.


  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

    Their updates clearly target kids; they cannot deny it.  Although, even if they didn't plan the game for kids, kids would place it anyway.  Just like kids under 17 play M rated games, there's really no ways to stop them.  These updates just cater to kids though, since that is a good amount of their player base.

    As for the stronghold thing, it's actually a pretty good idea.  It's important for young kids to learn about how to be safe on the internet, and it should be a concern for Jagex (as well as other gaming companies who have kids playing their games.)

    This is actually an update I don't have a problem with, since it is important for kids to learn internet safety.

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  • Matt269Matt269 Member Posts: 124

    I agree they are so catering to kids under 13, even though is for teens-adults. I really don't like the stronghold of player safety for several reasons. For one, its a waste of space. I'm all for player safety but they way they did it was just childish. They could have been straigh forward and maybe release an article about it or put a thread on the forums. But to mess with the game kinda ruined it for me. The recent quests have also had some subliminal messages like awareness on global warming, and teaching kids that smoking kills. I understand that they are trying to be responsible but it really is making the game for little kids. Oh well at least they are looking out for the kids. =)  Good job Jagex, just don't mess up ur game in the process... too late.

  • keslerikesleri Member Posts: 127

    I think RuneScape has become a nursery for the pre-teen and teen audience of MMO's .


    When they quit RuneScape either they move to another MMO with better graphics and etc. or either they realise that MMO's are the games which waste most of your  time and quit playing any kind of MMO's

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Member UncommonPosts: 4,359

    I am against any child under the age of 13 being on the internet at all. Go ahead hate away.. I do not think it is a place for children. Runescape has open chat, and regardless of the rules, things always happen. They cannot allow children under the age of 13 to play because it  has open chat.  Children have no place in chat rooms whatsoever.  I am disgusted by what I have seen on that game because they are so relaxed on their rules about this. I have seen 53 yr old truck drivers with 12 yr old girlfriends, grandfathers dating 11 yr olds.. Would you let your children go out to a party where you have truck drivers, convicts, strippers, pedophiles all hanging out? I would hope not, but you are allowing them all to talk to your child by allowing them to go on any game with in game chat. They are not doing anything wrong by being there, it  is the parents responsibility to keep their children away from there, not the other way around. The internet is not a babysitter, and parents need to step up and realize this and keep their children off it. The reason that runescape cannot be played on a computer that has parent controls on is that it does have open chat and should not be permitted by parents. Children under the age of 13 should stick to playing games with people they know and stay out of chat rooms where they have no business being in the first place. They are not mature enough to handle the adult situations they will be put in in online chat rooms so it is better to allow their young minds to develop more before exposing them to the harsh realities of the real world. The real world is violent, and sexual, and cruel. They need to mature properly in a controlled environment before exposing them to the full blown chaos of our reality.

  • Wildman2121Wildman2121 Member Posts: 90
    Originally posted by kesleri

    I think RuneScape has become a nursery for the pre-teen and teen audience of MMO's .
    When they quit RuneScape either they move to another MMO with better graphics and etc. or either they realise that MMO's are the games which waste most of your  time and quit playing any kind of MMO's

    Lol, great point ;)


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