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Great game, horrible company

undefined0undefined0 Member Posts: 1

Zu is such a great game with lot of potentials.  However, it got into the wrong hand.  Development seem to be always in the reverse direction.  Of course all 'f'ree-to-play" game try to make money through item malls...but this is the first time I've seen a company put out in-game events that force people to buy item malls item to win.  As for out-game events, this is even worse - they can never give a clear description of the events and judging is usually done by a mod - which is a player in game, so you can see how fair it is.  The reason there are no clear direction is because that way they can twist the judging in anyway they want, actually in anyway "he" wants.  It just getting worse and worse each day.  Also, there are "relatives" of the company playing the game with of course all the necessary gold to get all the possible unfair advantage.   On top of all that, there is no anti-hack system nor punishment for hack.  It is just ridiculous, reported bug abuser get a couple of days temporary ban.  There is a speed hack problem in game - guess what they did - they "lag" the game so speedhack can't be use.  Well, I'm pretty sure if you read my post this far you'd figure to play or not to play this game already.   But if you're bore and want to get a good laugh, try this game out and you'll see what I'm talking about.  I feel sorry for the developer....a great game is being throw into garbage can.

Oh yeah, I forgot, players basically can't say anything remotely close to "bad" about Zu or the so-call staff.  If anybody does...bam! lock/ban/delete.... The sensorship is amazing.  The best ability this game/company has.



  • draguleadragulea Member Posts: 249

    I totally agree. I too believe the game has great potential and could offer a very enjoyable playing experience, but unfortunately it's ruined by the company. I felt sorry for quitting the game a while back, but I've never regret it - it's no use in playing a game that's altered & rotten to the core.

  • WiaMWiaM Member Posts: 1

    Does ZuOnline have any problemes or viruses at all which could harm my/your computer?. Or is it completley ok?


  • alexxyzalexxyz Member Posts: 2
    Originally posted by WiaM

    Does ZuOnline have any problemes or viruses at all which could harm my/your computer?. Or is it completley ok?


    not at all unless your  computer dosent have problems lolz

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