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The First MMORPG with a Legal Bot !!!

ispas87ispas87 Member Posts: 5

You can use a 'bot' legally in a MMORPG! And no this is not an April Fool's Day Joke. In Magic World Online, the integrated "MWO Robot" is a legal bot that can help you to better experience the Magic World.

As has long been known to many gamers, illegal bots in MMORPGs give their users considerable advantages over other players. On one hand, the normal players hate the bots and more specifically hate the fact that there are no real effective means out there to eliminate these bots once and for all, but on the other hand, many of those normal players have been tempted themselves to use the illegal bots themselves to gain that same advantages. The advantages in leveling and elimination of repetitive mouse-clicking explain why so many players decide to use illegal bots and risk losing all their hard work to a possible permanent ban by the game publisher.

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