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Just enter in this "Magic World" and you will never regret..!!!

ispas87ispas87 Member Posts: 5

Join this game and you will see what i am talking about...!!


  • ispas87ispas87 Member Posts: 5

    The basis of the MWO concept is that the Empire and the Dynasty are warring factions. All over the place, however, are the devil's minions just waiting to smoke you. You must learn to rely on other people sometimes, build friendships, and trade items and knowledge. The game offers some interesting aspects, such as in game marriage, the ability to own your own house, the fun time state wars (where many players from each faction go out and fight in the same designated battlefield), and a great "growing weapon" idea that I have found myself addicted to! Of course, I can't forget the in-game PROVIDED bot! It allows you to set all sorts of functions and makes the task of ranking up a breeze.

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