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For all who left

nickman1993nickman1993 Member Posts: 287

I know there are a lot of people who didn't try it out left because they couldnt get the account to work, our the game was to buggy, People had To overpowered gear,our because they lost to many times. Well i have come to say they have fixed almost everything. It's like a completely new game

For anyone who couldnt make an account because there were noi chosen account keys well Know you can. Got to:

Then just click on the word saying link and your set to go!

The most common bug in game for some of the old players is where they are cant que for anything because it says there in a group. If this occurs. **go to Bloodbath warmaster (sometime the BB training grounds warmaster will work also) and when you que a box should appear. Once it does relog and you will be able to que.**

WARNING: The population is currently low and this game is an all PvP game (no lvl's no PvE) But dont be discrouaged. The game is still such a great game and It can be a lot better if the population is higher! You will lose at least your first 10 matches (unless with bots)

They are Haveing a tournament where they are giving out a total of $50k But they need to reach a certain amount of active members. You can start out as a chosen and I will get on the game if you need any help. The game is only $20 so it cant hurt and after that it's totally FREE. There is no advertisement our cash shops! Its not your typical f2p game!



  • DuferDufer Member Posts: 33

    Lol, well I'd try to register and download it but It's site isnt even working. Might wanna fix that

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Click on the link below for instructions on how/where to download the client for free and then register to play.



  • einineinin Member Posts: 8

    What do you mean? "It's like a completely new game" I was playing Open Beta or Closed Beta of Fury ... and I even liked it... Well it was little bit "strange" but it was beta and You said it is copletely new game, now. So i don't know what to think about it... :)

    Action in the game was nice and those "game modes" were cool, it was very good idea to make game like Fury but I didn't like some skills and i don't know why most of the time I was dead

    And yeah i heard about the tournament... and they keep sending me emails about it and I'm not even going to buy the game.


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