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My humble review... of grinding

PathOfPathOf Member Posts: 1

I've been playing for sometime now... I've tested 2 out of 6 clans. This game have some very neat and nice concepts, the gameplay is briliant, But: it has serious issues with exp!

If you  haven't played 9dragons... you don't know what the word grinding means! For the last level i've been doing that for 6 hous straight.  Me and a friend of mine calculated  for his charecter => killing one monster per min = 12 hous of straight grinding = 1 lv up!!!

If you have only few hours free per a day... don't even think of starting this game!

I though I was a hard RPG gamer...


  • jonezi92jonezi92 Member Posts: 224

    sounds really bad, thanks for the heads up

  • EisKonekoEisKoneko Member Posts: 8

    I've been playing this game ever since it was fairly new and depending on the clan you choose you can lvl up faster or slower the harder to get into clans such as Wu-Tang and Heavenly Demon with all the quests it gives you to get into the clan can have you up to lvl 12 at the end of four to five hours of gameplay. I've done it myself. And even if you don't want to join one of these two clans you can still do all the quests in the town to gain the experience and when your done go to another clan. The grinding doesn't even really begin to effect the game in my opinion until somewhere in between the 20th and 30th lvls when quests begin to show up less and less. 

  • Lady_FeiLady_Fei Member Posts: 17

    I played for a few weeks.

    It has alot of content at lower levels, and you really have a sense of momentum and accomplishment. Once you reach level 40ish, it just becomes a boring grind for fractions of a percent of xp.

    No crafting or other avenues of gameplay. Almost no variation of character development within same classes. Hardly any variety of armor. No WSAD movement, it's all clicky like runescape.

    There are alot of design flaws in this game. It's easy to put up with the flaws for awhile, but when you are playing, and you start to yawn, and your eyes burn with sleepiness just after an hour of logging in, you know it's outlasted it's usefulness.

    You lose the excitement of logging in your character and working on it. The game starts to feel more like a chore, than entertainment.

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint Member Posts: 74

    Yeah I got up to level 53 and felt life was just too short for this.

  • GenjimaruGenjimaru Member Posts: 6

    Hmmm I was thinking on trying this game, the grahpics seem okay and all.  But due to all these reviews I don't think I should xD.  Thanks for the honest reviews everyone.

  • ClaschClasch Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I've created a couple of characters on this game. While there certainly is a lot of grinding, the game I think does a very good job of giving you an (I'm in rual china) feel. The character movements are fun to watch and give you a feeling that they are actually learn the kung-fu. I'd give the game a try if I were you.

  • TekkamanTekkaman Member UncommonPosts: 158

    This game's grind is not comparable to the end game grind of Lineage 2, but it is definitely a huge grinder.

  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    power grinding + slow experience gain = totally boring.

  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353
    Originally posted by tikboi

    power grinding + slow experience gain = totally boring.


    Exactly if I want to power grind I want to gain a few levels, not just one. Especially if I'm slaughtering monsters as fast as I can.

  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

    This game has great atmosphere and some of the npc quest are interesting enough but what it lacks is when you hit lvl 40-50s it has a serious lack of content and you mainly grind and grind till your eyes bleed.

  • BonemaneBonemane Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Yeah I would mind the mind numbing grinding less if it had more content. Quests would be enough for me. If it had alot more quests I wouldn't have left.

  • Darkor_hXcDarkor_hXc Member UncommonPosts: 209

    I used to have a Lv70ish Heavenly Deamon and I quit because it was taking all fucking day to gain half a 8 straight hours of grinding......0.01% xp each monster FTL!!


    0_0 k, didnt see the latest post date...sorry


  • galliard1981galliard1981 Member Posts: 256

    as far as i remember, its aeriagames title and all aeria are big grinders, so i advise to stay far from their titles. even with exp stones from item shop its still insane waste of time.

    is it more grindy than kal online or knight online? i remember these 2 were heavy grinders too

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  • TrashcantoyTrashcantoy Member Posts: 827


    Originally posted by galliard1981
    as far as i remember, its aeriagames title and all aeria are big grinders, so i advise to stay far from their titles. even with exp stones from item shop its still insane waste of time.
    is it more grindy than kal online or knight online? i remember these 2 were heavy grinders too

     its from acclaim... who dont have the best rep either on mmos

    its mostly the nice atmosphere and the pretty neat combat system that pulled me back into the game once.. but despite the updated content the grind is just too awful

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  • KellermanKellerman Member Posts: 5

    I've played this game couple of years ago and gave up from obvious reasons, just didn't have enough time to grind, this amount of grind is just insane! Game itself is quite unique with neat feats but that isn't enough to keep people playing.

    Right now I'm trying a game called 'Jade Dynasty' where you have an option to meditate in towns (gaining exp all the time), gaining exp while logged out, if you spend some real cash...and most controversing feat, legal bot (you just leave your computer on during the night and your char is killing everything that you want)! After this I doubt I'll try another grindy mmo without something like this, it's really fun and let's you keep up with 'hardcore' gamers!



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