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I'm Coming Back!

DloreDlore Member UncommonPosts: 462

Hey guys, I'm upgrading my computer on Monday June 9th. This computer only has a Intel so I'm adding an extra gb and a GeForce 8800 I'd upgrade it sooner but I need a friends help and he wont come till monday. If you guys want to send me friend requests that day my chracter is Dlore. I already got it my account because I became Immortal for Life on my friends pc and played over the weekend :) Anyways I also have another question. They sent this mail to Immortals For Life Only they said that when you log on you'll get 10k but that was over a month ago. When I log on will I still get it? I want my 10k! Can't wait to be back in! I'm pretty much PvP only. Also I'm an Overlord if anyone would recommend some good armor if I DO still get my 10k???

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