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Newbie questions

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120
  1.  Is the camera locked behind you, or can you move it freely? (usually, left mouse button moves the camera without turing your avatar, while the right mouse button moves the avatar and the camera.
  2. Can you run using the two-button run method from WoW and also use the WASD keys?
  3. Can you jump and swim? Not a real big deal, just wondering.
  4. Is there an offline messaging system?

    Is there an Auction House?
  5. Do items wear out and break (i.e. durability)? If they do, can they be repaired?
  6. Can you own pets? Do they have to eat?
  7. Does your avatar need to eat?
  8. Is there player owned housing. If yes, is it instanced?
  9. Is there a bank/warehouse?

Thank you


  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 11,823

    1. You can move the camera freely or lock it behind you

    2. Yes, both mouse buttons move your toon.

    3. Yes you can jump and swim (swimming alot earns you skill in swimming that alows you to swim faster)

    4. Offline message system? not sure what is meant by that There is a mail system if that is what you meant. =/  Auction house yes.

    5. They do wear down when you die. you can usually die 10 times before your equipment is unusable. Yes it can be repaired.

    6. House pets mostly. Unless your a a class that has pets. Yes you have to eat to regen health and drink to regen mana. (power) but can ignore it if you so choose.

    7.  NEED no. SHOULD yes.

    8. yes player owned is instanced.

    9. Yes there is a bank. and guild banks.

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