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MWO a new kind of Experiance!!!

To tell you the truth I haven't written about a specific game before, because by the time I decide to write about something it's ussually already written about somewhere, but today I've decided to write about this game called , it is the 1st game I've played in a very long time that actually has a bot you can use that is legal to use. I myself have only ever used a bot in a game besides this one many years ago on another game that I liked very much, but since this is about MWO(Magic World Online), I'd like to discuss just what it does for this game.

Now I know lots of people use bots and like using bots a lot, but in most games they are illegal and eventually they get caught and end up losing their accts. and all of the time and effort they put into the character leveling it up. In this game there is no penalty you can use it whenever you want, I have even used it to complete what they call Instance Quests, which take you to a seperate area and you have to kill certain mobs within a certain time frame to complete them and as long as you klnow how to set up your bot correctly it works great, and for someone like myself to say this about a bot I think is pretty good considering I've hardly if ever used one. I've gained many lvl's using the bot feature and it's really nice when I get tired, but want to keep playing I just set it and go to bed and in the morning see how much I've progressed. At 1st I was making lvls while I slept, not because of the amount of Exp needed for lvl's I'm getting what I call decent percentage per evening for my lvl.

So if you get a chance and feel like trying something new, come on over to MWO(use the link above), and if you join the game and would like some help I'll answer what questions I can when I'm online. I have helped plenty of people so far ingame and as long as I'm not busy doing anything specific ingame I always have time for new friends. My ingame name is: EDMorgan, and I'm playing on server: Alpha2(Aurora), and I play for the Empire Faction

Also, on a final note they have what they call a Growing Weapon feature which I think is kind of unique as well. I myself have got mine lvl'd up to a +6 and I love it. They have lots of other Features which are enjoyable as well, just to many for me to write about, but I'm sure if you take the time to check it out you will find that you will like them very much and the game is F2P, so it won't cost you anything exept a little of your time to check it out.

Thanks for your time and I hope you will come and play at Magic World Online.


"If it looks interesting enough for me to try it, I will. If I really like it I'll p2p when it's time."

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