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Confirmation email

MahloMahlo Member Posts: 798
How long is it supposed to take to get the confirmation email when setting up an account. I downloaded the game yesterday, applied for an account online and still hadn't received an email this morning. So I chose resend confirmation email. Still not heard anything. I tried creating an account again but it says my email already has an account.


  • zagreoszagreos Member Posts: 53

    I made one for it before it took a while to get back for some reason too. but i don't think it took a whole day

  • MahloMahlo Member Posts: 798
    Originally posted by Tuxide

    Please email Rizin for your verification email (source in case anyone doubts my word). The problem is on Fragnetics's end (the host server) and is to be fixed as soon as they have time to; when the verification email is sent, it sends it as coming from—when it should be instead. Most mail servers are set up to reject emails from non-existant domains.

    Right, thanks. There obviously aren't many players registering then, as this hasn't come up on here before. Maybe I'll give it a miss.
  • QueenofFoolsQueenofFools PlaneShift DeveloperMember Posts: 61

    Actually there are a lot of people registering. It is not coming up here because is not a leading way players find out about the game.

    I certainly encourage you to give it a go.

  • QueenofFoolsQueenofFools PlaneShift DeveloperMember Posts: 61

    We are narrowing down this problem now, if any of you can retry and share any failures here we can work on getting you in and getting this fixed.

  • QueenofFoolsQueenofFools PlaneShift DeveloperMember Posts: 61

    There are still some minor issues to settle but the confirmation email should work for 99% of people now.

    Good luck and happy gaming.

  • JEW-ISHJEW-ISH Member Posts: 1

    i got the same problem/ no verif email even when i resend one to myself. can someone give me and email address or a link so i can note the peeps about it to get it fixed please that would be really helpfull

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