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LF mmorpg that will run on an old pc

yokam888yokam888 Member Posts: 87

looking for an mmorpg that will run on the following pc specs:


intel celeron 2.0ghz

256mb ram

nvidia fx5200 128mb video card

windows xp


preferably F2P



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  • medievalMANmedievalMAN Member Posts: 8

    Try Dofus its a flash mmorpg and should run on your computer- los of fun, or you could try runescape theres no downloaded neededand lots of people say its fun (not my opinion).

  • WarnisWarnis Member Posts: 8

    Well, alot of mmo's are being optimized to run even on slower computers, World of Warcraft is such an example, another is the upcomming game Jumpgate Evolution, which according to the devs, will be able to run on the same specs as World of Warcraft.

  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,149

    Ya although the newer ones are wanting to maximize specs for performance and graphics, many other games will work on your computer that still have high-end looking graphics:

    Lineage 2 (my computer is worse than yours and runs it although put most things at low especially at sieges), World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, etc.


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