Deathwhisper: Player Call!

CymdaiCymdai Member UncommonPosts: 1,041

I'm just trying to see how many folks from this site are on the Deathwhisper server.

Post your name, guild, class, and current level.

This will give us all the opportunity to (potentially) play together... or kill each other. Whatever catches your fancy!

Name: Cymdai

Class: Tempest of Set

Level at this time: 63

Guild: The Ominous



Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...


  • bluberryhazebluberryhaze Member Posts: 1,702

    pretty baked about now. that short term memory is fuzzy.

    i think my 2 characters are on deathwhisper...or doom something? lol.. im about to jump on about now

    maynardjames: 27 assasin

    and uh, i forgot the other name havent played it in awhile- she's a hot necromancer, level 13- the first character i created- her boobs are big.

    ill be the poster child to not be fuzzy, kids.


    -I will subtlety invade your psyche-

  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384


    Originally posted by bluberryhaze

    pretty baked about now. that short term memory is fuzzy.

    Didn't you say in a previous thread that you liberals need to stop getting high and get your heads together to bring about change in the world lol

    edit: holy crap....did someone delete that thread? I thought i was kinda neat. Why would someone delete your thread?

    But back on topic:  You wouldnt find me on DeathWhisperer ever lol

    People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

  • Nul1Nul1 Member Posts: 24

    Soloss - 33 HoX, unguilded.

    Starting a bear shaman right now, we'll see how it goes.

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