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AOC and the Technohung

TerranahTerranah Member UncommonPosts: 3,575

There's lots of technogeeks showing us how big and hard their rigs are...tape measures out boys...let's test our rigs against AOC to see if we measure up. 


Those that run the game fine have pleased little smirks on their faces.  They happily post their measurements for all to admire.    Everyone else is pissed and thinking something is wrong with the tape measure.


The technohung tell those that aren't they need to take their rigs under the knife and get the latest upgrades if they are going to enjoy the blessed fruit that is AOC.   The problem is, these upgrades are expensive and there is no guarantee it will work once your done.  Sometimes you end up with less than what you were hoping for, which can be a bummer


  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Is there a translator available?

  • JupstoJupsto Member UncommonPosts: 2,075


    anyway the techno whatsits or anyone who done some research knows you can buy a virtually top end machine for not that much. the really expensive parts usually aren't much better. crytek did a guide on how to get a high settings machine on a decent budget ($1000 or something) after everyone posted idiot comments like you need to spend $4000 on a rig to play this game etc. I think its a case of the same. the only one ranting that buying a decent rig is too expensive probably don't have a clue what to buy.

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  • NarugNarug Member UncommonPosts: 629
    Originally posted by ianubisi

    Is there a translator available?

    People that are either enthusiastic about technology, have to have the high end hardware, know alot about computers and like to talk about them, etc  are what the OP is trying to get at.  Pick the poison.

    It can serve to inform of what others can glimpse if they want to experience it a certain way.

    While I can run AoC on medium textures, if I want to, I actually run on low textures.  Still a good looking game to me. 

    Myself I prefer to wait a bit and let the software mature enough to match the hardware instead of leaping towards the heights.  So I can enjoy things with less hassles.

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