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Does this game come with free online time?

korvixkorvix Member Posts: 477

Just wondering I have a few days coming up where I could waste some time in another thinking about picking this up at bargin prices if it comes with some free online (dont plan to sub). Im a long time player of PSO, I still play it on my dreamcast...but really dont dig having to pay for online play. ( I run 3 other MMO accounts so paying for this is a no go until I try it.

And if it does come with free time, do you still need a CC to register it? Hopefully someone can give me the scoop on the prices of this game.



  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    Sadly there is no free trial, even if you buy the game. the moment you want to play online, you'll have to pay 10$.

    Unless you have an Xbox360, if you do you can try the online demo.

  • LV426LV426 Member Posts: 883

    The box comes with a singleplayer game as well as the online one. There is no free time, but for $20, it's worth it anyway. (Although for singleplayer, I reccomend jumping up to $40 and getting both the games... since the expansion is chapter 2)

  • korvixkorvix Member Posts: 477

    The game is only 3$ on Amazon lol, so I was gonna pick it up....but ill just stick to PSO for singleplayer and save myself a few bucks.



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