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Hiven Corporation

Neo0oNeo0o Member Posts: 6



                                                                    HIVEN CORPORATION



We only accept recruited members because there are a lot of spies going around from our much hated enemies.  Despite this I am looking for Intelligence Officials from other corporations to contact me in-game as someone has taken off with some rather expensive stuff and I want to form a network of intelligence forces to help deal with this. I feel it would be mutually beneficial for all the intelligence forces to work together on such matters so that the corp thieves can be caught as soon as possible.  50 million ISK will go to anyone who gives me the information I need to find the person I am looking for contact me to hear what I am looking for.  Also we are selling BMs to Bistot and Arkonor mining locations, they will come in at 1 million ISK per BM and there will be around 50 of them in a set but when you get out there and start mining the stuff believe me it will all have been worth it. image


NEO AKA NE Weevil in EVE

Vice CEO - Hiven Corp





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